Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last exchange and Next

I couldn't be happier that the last exchange hosted by Everett & Dinisia went so well without me. I feel like my baby is starting to walk, no make that run, on it's own. Thank you again Everett & Dinisia for volunteering your home as the setting for the exchange.

There were over 25 people that contributed the following: oranges, lemons, giant sunflowers, japanese cucumber, concord grapes, green grapes, hot peppers, tomatoes, yellow and red tomatoes, serrano peppers, lettuce, basil, avocados, zucchini, cilantro, cbaca squash, chives, rhubarb, texas tarragon, mint, red onions, sage, parsley, chard, apricots, coffee grounds (for soil amendment) and trellis wire.

Thank you one and all - whether you were on the giving or receiving end or both ! What a great community of gardeners and lovers of local fresh produce.

Our next exchange is this Sunday August 22 – noon at Robeks Fruit Smoothies at 4726 Telephone Road at noon - Thanks Tina (805) 676-1330 for hosting !