Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exchange this Saturday @ 12 noon

Thanks again to Jim and Marion for hosting our last wonderful exchange. You have created a wonderful horticultural fantasy at your home, especially with your new greenhouse. We all have garden envy!

Our Next exchange is Saturday, June 25 @ 12:00 noon

Jan and Bernie's
1314 Beachmont St. (in the Ventura Keys)

We will start exchanging at 12:15pm.
Don't forget to bring your own bag or basket! 

To participate in this next exchange, please bring your harvest of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Plant Starts, Seeds or Culinary Delights and meet some like-minded gardeners and gather-ers. The best part is taking home a bag of fresh local produce for FREE !

Remember if your harvest is not ready yet, we still need volunteers for set-up and tear-down, as well as to be on the receiving end of all this bounty! For more info, contact Maureen at 340-8756.

 Some of you in the mid-town area asked why the leaves on your plants are turning grey. Here's an excerpt from the Green Thumb Newsletter.

Powdery Mildew By Tamara Galbraith
When it's summertime and you're working on a tan, your plants may begin to take on a pale, pasty look. What gives? Say hello to the fungus disease known as powdery mildew.
article photo A common condition found on plant life throughout North America, powdery mildew is characterized by spots or patches of white to grayish talcum-powder-like growth. Fortunately, it is usually more of an effect than a problem itself. In other words, in addition to treating the plant, you'll probably want to take a look at the surrounding conditions and make some adjustments.
The primary way to keep powdery mildew (and other fungi) from attacking your plants is prevention. Start now.
First and foremost, make sure you give plants plenty of room. Good air circulation goes a long way. Trim plants that get crowded or bushy. Avoid overhead watering and do your watering in the morning so any water that does get on leaves has a chance to dry. If your plants are getting spray from a lawn sprinkler system, try moving the sprinkler a bit further away. If that's not possible, you might consider replacing your plants with more mildew-resistant plants or varieties.
If you do get powdery mildew, to halt it in its tracks, spray the affected plants with a good fungicide, such as Ortho Rose Pride.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday June 12th -Ventura Produce Exchange

Get ready to harvest, gather or volunteer. Our upcoming exchange is on
      Sunday, June 12th at 12 - 1 pm 
         Jim + Marion's house
         340 N. Dos Caminos Ave

Bring your extras .... Fruit, Veggies, 
Herbs, Seeds, Plant Starts, 
Baked Goods,homemade vinegar, 
homebrew, doggie treats, etc. 
to exchange or just drop by 
and meet some like-minded people who enjoy the garden.
And mark your calendar for a Saturday Produce Exchange 
from 12 - 1pm
     6/25/11 Bernie + Jan's house
     1314 Beachmont