Thursday, September 24, 2009

5th Exchange -- Sunday September 27th - Noon

How much is enough?
Many of you have said, "But I don't really have enough to share and I feel funny about just showing up. I have a few peppers, a few lemons, maybe some flowers."
That's Perfect !
It's not about quantity at all, it's about community. Getting together to share ideas, some produce and partaking in the exchange process. Do you remember the time when you had too many (fill in the blank) i.e. zucchinis, and how good it felt to give them away to someone who truly appreciated them ? Be that someone. Let yourself receive for a change. Bring along your smile and enthusiasm, we will always welcome you.

Exchange this Sunday
September 27th
12 noon at 9572 El Cajon Street

Hope to see you there !

Mark your calendar, the following exchange will be on October 11th.