Monday, July 26, 2010

Biggest Exchange Yet !

It warms my heart to see such a great gathering of people, fresh local produce and four legged creatures (aka dogs) all in my front yard. Thanks for sharing your bounty, stories, seedlings and knowledge.

Here's a list of what was shared on Sunday: Lemons, oranges, seed bulbs, seedlings, avocados, nectarines, black jade, zucchini, carrots, swiss chard, eposote, oregano, thai basil, dahlias, lavender, cucumbers, tomatoes, serrano chili, kale, bok choy, lettuce, strawberry plants, grapefruit, peaches, pathos plants, carry sacks, rhubarb, beet, jalapeno plants, limes, tool organizer and doggie treats.

Please take note of the date change on next exchange :
August 8th at Everett & Dinisia's House at 10471 Graham Court