Monday, November 15, 2010

Harvests are changing to tree fruit and nuts

A big "Thank You" to Suzan for volunteering her home for our last exchange. She had her Vegan Cookbook, decorated wooden spoons and tasty apple cider for us to enjoy. And look at the photo of the Chrysalis (future butterfly) we saw attached to her wall.      
The 23rd Exchange had the following:  hydrengeas, macadamia nuts, lettuce, kale, figs, persimmons, beans, tomatoes, avocados, grapefruit, diced pumpkin, rosehips, greens and green drink (recipe to follow), pineapple guava, pink lady and granny smith apples, pumpkins, dog treats, eggplant, mint, roses, camelias, and chard. 

Granny Smith & Pink Lady
And I almost forgot the freshly squeezed orange juice alternately being given away and sold by my son, aka  "Cowboy Slim". 

What a great community of gardeners and gatherers !  Thank you one and all for your participation.

Anyone interested in hosting an exchange in 2011 ? Please let me
know and we'll get you on the calendar.
Chrysalis hanging on the wall - Look at that Gold Line and 3 Golden dots . Will the Butterfly have that also?